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Our handmade card creations are embellished with an array of art mediums such as rich pigment inks, silky powder embossing, sparkling glitter and glitter pens/glue, buttons, tags, beads, various ribbons, assorted cords, chalks, many more embellishments. 
Handmade featured items are available in a small inventory at and pinterest at CalliesCardsandCrafts boards.

Callie's Cards and Crafts
Welcome to my website. Callie's Cards and Crafts is my on-line, hand-crafting website on " Let me tell you about my handmade crafting journey. It all started for me, 15 years ago, as Scrapbooking was at the fore-front of a girl's leisure time. Truth be known, it really started with a store-bought Baby Book and what do you know, it gave way to Scrapbooking.  

I started learning to make jewelry in 1993. Over the years I made pieces for my self, and fixed items for my self and others.  In 2015, I decided to make a few pieces to post on  My favorite style is to create a beaded item with an antique finish or vintage look. Antique finishes in gold, brass, copper or silver are fun to create. The rich deep colors are what make a lot of glass beads, cameo and crystals really pop. Many of the cameos introduced on the webpage are hand-painted, dry brushed, pigmented and lacquered by my hand.  It is a thrill to take a raw item and apply layers of antique color  and lacquer the surface.  Almost all of the cameos [brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings] in my inventory I created to achieve a certain look.  Some other items,  are also treated with that process of 3-5 layers to achieve a certain look.

The look I create in beaded items are usually  not from a pattern. It starts with a vision.  My creation of any item is to certainly use quality materials, and to make it exceptional. Other artists, may not create the antique finish vintage style I like to create. Some may post similar handmade items, but my creations are special to me, I think they are the best and they come with a  personal touch.